Friday, 2 January 2015



2015 is here.

yesterday my friend asked me....
"Apa azam awak tahun baru ni?"

then...i  was puzzled...
why? because...
everytime new year people will ask you about ur new vision..
azam baru..

i dont know if i have new vision for this year..
i dont know if i have new motivation or spirit for this year...

i just answer to my friend..
"azam baru saya tak tahu lah..hmm...semoga tahun ni lebih baik daripada tahun depan kot"
oh well..thats the only thing i had in my mind...
i just think about my final paper on 6th January..
and my family...i dont think about else..

then my friend said my answer was cliche..
hahah..'s sounds cliche..but thats the only answer i could gv...

but then....i'm still thinking of my new new azam for 2015..haha
not too late kot.. :p

hope things will get better!

p.s: i love u

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